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Location:Helsinki, Finland
I've been writing on Livejournal in Finnish for ten years. My online friends have stopped using Livejournal and then I moved here after I read the new terms of service and decided to start writing in English so I could get to know new people. I write about my thoughts, things that I've figured out, I figure things out while I write, relationships, my plans, my feelings and the last improbable off the hook thing that I've done. My writing has depth.

Send me a message if you think you would like to get to know me.

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acting too young for my age, activism, anxiety, breaking the rules, buddhism, critical thinking, dancing, dead moon, dreading, feminism, finnish '77 punk, future, getting out of my comfort zone, grammar, guitar, happiness, high sensation seeking, highly sensitive person, hiking, hsp, hss, intersectional feminism, kindness, knitting, learning things by heart, lectures are my favorite, linguistics, margaret atwood, math, mathematics, meditation, minimalism, not getting out of my comfort zone, planning things that make me happy, playing the guitar, ptsd, punk, radical acceptance, running, science, talking to people, testors, trauma, trying to find out if i'm autistic, vegan, veganism, voluntary work, volunteering, walking somewhere near trees, writing, yoga
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